A tribute to Carlos

youtube video of a tribute to Carlos Lillo from a song his nephew Colby O'Donis's wrote shortly after 9/11.


Carlos Lillo Dedication

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It was 13 years ago we lost you, our life was never the same and forever an emptiness was left in our hearts. Honestly it feels like it was just the other day this dark and awful day happened. Unfortunately things are worst nowadays, terrorist are still killing americans and the terrorism threat is greater today than it ever was.

But one thing have no changed and that is the pain an anguish we still feel since the day you left us. Many times I wonder where you will be today, I think about the nephews and nieces we never had the pleasure to know, I think about the get togethers we never had the opportunity to have. We miss you today just like it was yesterday and days like todays remind us how important it is to cherish each and every day with those we love. If there is one thing I learned from this experienced is that every day is a gift and tomorrow is not guarantee so there is no time to waste and we must value and take advantage and enjoy the moment with those we care. Today we once again remembered the sacrifice you did for the people of New York City and this great nation, the hero that you became to many who knew you and to many that didn’t and we will always miss you until the day we will depart from this earth to meet you again.


your brother


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God Bless
1 Thursday, 11 September 2014 13:38
John Kilpatrick
I am a retired Police Officer from the 115pct and met your brother many times prior to 9/11 responding to jobs in Jackson Heights & Corona. Besides meeting up at aided cases/males shot etc... We set up softball games with the 115pct & EMS playing at 114 street/34Ave. Lots of Beers/laughs/trash talking Carlos was truly a great person.... All the Best to You & your family

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