A tribute to Carlos

youtube video of a tribute to Carlos Lillo from a song his nephew Colby O'Donis's wrote shortly after 9/11.


Carlos Lillo Dedication

Hello, I'm Simmone. I am originally from Bronx New York. My father has worked for the F.D.N.Y as an EMT for about 20 years or more. He is soon to retire. I am going to school in Atlanta Georgia for the EMT/Paramedic program. I am also going to study Paramedicine after I complete EMT & Advanced EMT. I am intending on moving back home to New York and wanted to know if I could recieve a grant even if I am not a resident anymore and have plans to move back and work for the F.D.N.Y like my father. In Georgia they only have 2 Grants that I am eligible for. HOPE and PELL, Which will not help cover books, uniform and equipment/materials. I have got most of the things I needed on Amazaon.com. but I would love some help and assistance from you.
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